What’s the Difference Between a Staffing Agency and a Temp Agency?

What is a temp agency? What is a staffing agency? Aren’t they the same thing? Simply put – no.

People often think that staffing and austin staffing agencies are interchangeable.

But they are not one in the same.

While they both help people find employment, the opportunities they offer are different.

If you find yourself confused about the two, don’t worry.

We’ll help you.

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Here are 2 main differences between staffing and temp agencies:

Difference #1:

Temp agencies staff for exactly that – temporary work. They offer short-term projects, usually lasting one day to one week. It’s not uncommon for people working with temp agencies to be sent out to different job sites each day. Candidates often fill roles doing special projects, seasonal assignments or same-day work. A majority of these positions are light industrial in nature.

A staffing agency also offers temporary work. But unlike temp agencies, they also provide longer-term opportunities. Positions can be temporary, temp-to-hire, contract, and direct hire. They work with a wide array of industries, including administrative, light industrial, engineering, technical, and management. Assignments often get extended or turn into long-term careers. 

Difference #2:

Temp agencies have an immediate need to fill a position. For their clients, it’s less about the ‘right fit’ and more about ‘right now.’ While a temp agency will find you work quickly, it probably isn’t going to be the job of your dreams – and it more than likely won’t end up becoming a long-term career.

Staffing agencies, on the other hand, place more of a focus on the candidate’s qualifications. Jobs are not one-size-fits-all. Employers want not only qualified candidates in the job, but someone who also has the potential to stay and grow with the company. Staffing agencies care about making sure it’s a right fit for both the employer and candidate, to fulfill the long-term needs of both sides.

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Which Option is Best for You?

It depends.

If you need immediate work, and are open to doing any type of job in order to make some money fast, a temp agency will probably be a better fit for you.

If right fit matters, and you are looking to try a new industry or want to take the next step in your career, a staffing agency is likely to be a better resource.

No matter what you decide, do your research first. Find temporary staffing austin